Human Durability

Going Beyond Resilience

Sustaining Optimum Performance

Objective of the
Centre for Human Durability

To enable people, leaders and organisations to have the confidence, courage and capacity to comfortably make better decisions and take more decisive action on large or small challenges and create successful outcomes.

What is Human Durability?

‘Human Durability’ is the name given to an exciting new philosophy that enables us to achieve higher levels of personal and professional success, while simultaneously reducing stress. It provides a systematic approach for preparing ourselves to anticipate and manage challenges that have previously been perceived as too complex or the possible outcome too uncertain.

Complexity and uncertainty fit within the management definition of ‘VUCA’ environments: – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous environments. These environments can be physically, mentally and emotionally demanding. In these environments we commonly become nervous and/or cautious because we are unsure of whether our actions will have a positive or negative result. Whether it’s a personal or professional VUCA environment, it will naturally hinder both our confidence and performance.

The Human Durability model is a practical and powerful process for clarifying vision, planning, problem solving and decision-making. When we can manage these processes well, we mitigate and potentially eliminate negative stress of VUCA environments. We then develop the confidence to make bold decisions and take the right action.

“One of the most powerful presentations I’ve ever seen and truly remarkable in its life lessons.”
Cathie Crampton, Head of property management, Harcourts International

The Human Durability process was developed in the extreme VUCA environments of Police counter-terrorism, hostage/siege situations, high-risk arrests, VIP security, cliff & cave rescues, Helicopter operations, riot control and more. It has been designed to mitigate VUCA factors and provide an obvious and predictable path to success.

The Human Durability process is as applicable and functional in our everyday personal and professional world as it is in the extremes of counter-terrorism. Our programs have received acclaim from students through to CEO’s. The programs provide people, leaders and organisations with the confidence, courage and capacity to make the decisions and take the actions to achieve the best outcomes.

The process of Human Durability is simple, powerful and a universal approach to creating success while reducing stress in our personal and professional lives.

TheAustralian Centre for Human Durability is proud to be in research collaboration with University of South Australia (UniSA) for this brand new philosophy. UniSA’s School of Psychology is currently exploring a PhD thesis on Human Durability.

The Human Durability philosophy was originally distilled from the management principles and processes used in the police extreme VUCA environments mentioned above.

It was also distilled from the management of extreme personal physical and psychological traumas (read about the founder’s history). The founder, Derrick McManus, has been developing and delivering resilience and Human Durability training for over 15 years to the following range of people and organisations

Human Durability is underpinned by two key principles:

  • Open, honest and confronting conversations with yourself and those affected by your actions (family, team or organisation)
  • Take responsibility for our decisions, actions and outcomes, both good and bad

Once we can do this, leadership becomes easy. Nelson Mandela famously said, “You cannot prepare for tomorrow, while secretly pretending it won’t happen”.